More details on the Wii U Pro Pad for Pokkén Tournament

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Late this week, the the Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad was confirmed for international release, along other details on the specialized controller.

The first thing that has been revealed is that the controllers will be manufactured by Hori. Hori has produced fighting game controllers for other Bandi-Namco fighting games such as Tekken 5&6, and Soul Caliber V. The next thing is that the controller is a USB wired controller stretching to 9.8 Ft.
The most interesting nugget is that the international release for the companion accessory is March 18th, the same as the Japanese release. It is unknown if this date will carry over to the international release of game itself.

The controller will not be compatible with other game titles (probably due to the lack of thumb sticks).
The Pad will retail for $25.

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