New supports and modes announced for the Wii U version of Pokken

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As we round one month mark until the game’s release, we have graciously been provided with even more information on this highly anticipated game. 

Some of the new modes that have been teased are the Practice mode and Free Train mode, a must for any fighting game. The Combo Dojo for learning combos.

Then there is the My Town feature, which will let players customize their in game avatars. Players will also be able to customize their player’s Gender, Skin tone, and Hair.

Then there is Ferrum League. This mode will be most similar to what most equate to a story mode. Beating stages in this mode will unlock more Support Pokémon and stages.

Also, there are three new sets of Support Pokémon have been shown and detailed.

Espeon and Umbreon is the first set. Espeon has Morning Sun which will heal from status conditions and restore hit points, whereas Umbreon’s Snarl which will prevent critical hits.

The next set is Magneton and Quagsire. Magneton has Tri Attack which lowers the opponents Attack and Speed, where Quagsire will use Mud Bomb which will damage grounded opponents.

Last there is Cubone and Diglett. Cubone will use Bonemerang a ranged attack and Diglett will use Dig making combos easier.